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The customer services training introduces learners to the fundamental aspects of customer service, including different types of customers and what their needs and expectations are. First impressions count and can be critical to delivering good customer service. Candidates  will develop their understanding of how important it is to create a positive impression of themselves and their organisation. Learners will also begin to evaluate customer service by exploring ways in which customerservice could be improved. This will include the need to consider the balance of theorganisation’s needs and interests against those of the customer and the value of the idea that the customer may not always be right.

Learn on how to give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation.Develop effective communication skills and positive customer relationships.This course will equip you with the essential key skills in communication, information technology, improving own learning and performance and working with others.

Learning outcomes

To successfully complete this course candidates must achieve all of the following:

1.    Identify the customer service needs and expectations of internal and external customers
2.    Promote a positive impression of themselves and the organisation
3.    Prepare for customer service
4.    Consider ways to improve customer service.
5.    Demonstrate effective communication skills
6.    Provide consistent care and service to customers
7.    Identify problems and complaints
8.    Identify suitable solutions to problems and complaints
9.    Implement solutions to problems and complaints

This coursewill provide learners with the opportunity to develop and practise their customer service
skills. They will learn about the importance of preparing themselves and their work area, which
supports the importance of making a strong and positive first impression. Preparation for customer service will include aspects of health and safety.

Effective communication is vital to many situations, especially customer service. Learners will
understand the importance of effective communication skills and how they support the provision of customer service. They will have opportunities to develop these skills and to demonstrate them in practice.

Learners will gain an understanding of how to provide customer care and service by developing
skills to provide effective customer service. They will have the opportunity to put these skills
into practice. The course also addresses the important issue of solving problems and complaints. Learners will develop an understanding of different types of complaint and the proper procedure for dealing with them.

This will include how to identify appropriate solutions, including recognition of the limits the learner may have in dealing with problems and complaints and the need to refer when necessary to a line manager or supervisor. Learners will also develop the skills needed to implement the solutions they have proposed and consider how customer service may be improved as a result.

Entry requirements:

The course is open to all learners.

Course duration:
2 weeks

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